Trampoline & Tumble Programs

Star-Mites Gymnastics cater for girls and boys of all ages and abilities. From PRESCHOOL gymnastics all the way to State and National level gymnastics, there is a class for everyone! Check out our list of programs below.

Star-Mites Gym Sports offers specialised trampoline and power tumbling programs.

With classes are all ages and abilities from toddlers to elite athletes SM has a trampoline and tumble class for everyone!

RECREATIONAL Trampoline & Tumble

Introduce your child to movement with Star-Mites Preschool Trampoline & Tumble. A family-friendly schedule of classes at

Star-Mites Bassendean are designed to help young boys and girls grow and reach major motor skill milestones. Contact us to enroll in Star-Mites' fun and engaging Trampoline & Tumble classes!

  • Parent assisted 

  • 1 hour morning classes available Monday-Saturday

  • Age-appropriate trampoline and tumble games and activities

  • Develop fundamental movement skills such as balancing, hopping, jumping and skipping

  • Experienced, qualified coaching staff

  • 1.5-2 hour afternoon classes

  • Learn fundamental trampoline and tumble skills

  • Improve body control, flexibility and strength

  • Train skills on the olympic trampoline, double mini trampoline, 25m air tumble track and fully sprung gymnastics floor

  • Experienced, qualified coaching staff

COMPETITIVE Trampoline & Tumble
  • 1 hour classes available Monday-Saturday

  • Boys and girls

  • Learn fundamental gymnastics skills

  • Boost confidence and develop coordination

  • Work with experienced, dedicated gymnastics coaches

  • Gain skills that will benefit children inside and outside of the gym!

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