Apr 232014

GWA has selected its State Team for 2014 to compete at the Gymnastics Australia National Championships 20th to 26th May 2014. National will be held in Melbourne Victoria
AWESOME results from our Coaches & Athletes.
SM congratulates the following athletes and their coaches.
National Level 7 Matthew Goodger – Max Chapman – Thomas Miloro – Kade Pound.
National level 8 Daniel Kural
National level 8 Amber Stanicic
National level 9 Kimberly Morrissey.
To our fabulous coaches Michelle Ranieri, Mark Kural, Claire McShanag & Tarryn Isard
SM thanks you for your passion and dedication to your athletes.
Mark has been named GWA State Head Coach for National MAG
Claire GWA Team Coach WAG
SM Volunteers Special acknowledgment,
Erica Morrissey Head of Delegation MAG & WAG
Richard Kural: MAG Judge & Richard Chapman MAG Team Assistant .
SM is so very proud of you all.

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