Aug 012013

Star-Mites Gym Sports in now launching the new Star-Mites Dance Academy!
The Star- Mites Dance Academy will be offering fresh and new specialised dances classes to boys and girls of all ages and abilities.
Classes… will be offered in Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Performance, Technique, Cheerleading Poms and that is just where it starts! Private classes for students wishing to pursue dance further will be also be available. Classes will be conducted by experienced, passionate staff who have been in the dance and entertainment industry for more than 20 years, both as dancers and choreographers.
All classes are designed to be fun and dynamic while working on helping students reach their full potential. Students will be encouraged to push beyond their limits, every student is capable of greatness. Classes are being offered for both the dedicated dancer and the dancer just in it for fun. Students will have the opportunities to work towards local, state, national and international competitions, conventions, workshops, corporate and local performances, along with the Star- mites Dance Academy End of Year Gala!
Star-Mites offer a modern dance studio for students to grow and gain maximum learning opportunities. Fully equipped with SPRUNG wooden dance floor, wall mirrors, air conditioning and parent viewing area. Inspiring young children and adults to set goals and providing many opportunities for success.

We welcome 3 new dance teachers to our team.

Alex Darcy:
Alex has been dancing since she has been able to walk. Under the guidance of her mother who currently runs Perth Dance Company in Canningvale, Alex has been trained in Ballet, Jazz, HipHop, Lyrical & …Performance. Alex has danced in end of year productions and local shows. Alex is at the beginning of her journey and her ambition is to dance fulltime.

Laura Cala:
Laura is an established performer, choreographer and teacher. With over 15 years of dance, cheerleading and performance experience, she has performed and choreographer for corporate functions, public shows, festivals, competitions, launches and more, both locally, state-wide and nationally.

Paven Gill:
Paven Gill was first introduced to dance through the social media site YouTube, learning the fundamentals of hip hop online. Using mirrors in his house, he developed his own unique style of freestyle, leading him to earn 2nd place in the Groove freestyle division 2011/2012.


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