Feb 152013

Star-Mites Cheerleading are so EXCITED to have 4 of the best cheerleading instructors all the way from the USA.

The best way to kick start our routines for 2013 is to have the best instuctors teaching new and improved stunting techniques to ALL of our athletes and coaches.

We know it is short notice but our coaches strive to give all our cheerleaders the best start and the best opportunities we possible can, when they become available.

It is important that every cheerleader attends!!!!!!!!!!!!  As you all know cheerleading is a team sport and it is very hard to train if not all your team members are together.

DATE: Sunday 3rd March 2013

COST: $90 5hr Workshop (Lightning Rocketz $54 3hr workshop)

You will receive a flyer with Skillz Workshop time and venue

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Liz on 9276 5028 or info@starmites.com.au

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