May 212012

“The countdown to departure day has started”
To our Star-Mites State Representatives,

Acro Kiri Penter & Tahlia Dawson
WG National level 8: Annabel Ridley
WG Brooke Callcott (WAIS)
WG Yasmin Collier (WAIS)
WG Nikita Hains (WAIS)
RG National Level 8: Evie Burton & Katharine Worth
RG National Level 9: Alexandra Bak
RG National Level 10: Jessica Leonhardt
Int Group Laura Trapnell (HPC)
MG Nathan Brophy (HPC)
MG Matthew Goodger
MG Mitchell Fairman
MG Evan Gow
MG Daniel Kural

You are an amazing group of athletes, our wish for you is to have a great experience and know we are so proud of you getting to this point.

Star-Mites is also very proud of our State Coaches Jewayne Loong and Nikki Gray who will also be travelling as part of Nationals 2012.

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