Jan 312012

Michelle will be coaching our new tumble classes on Friday’s at our Morley branch.  Michelle is an amazing tumble coach that comes with many years of gymnastic experience.  Having personally competed in every female discipline under the Gymnastics banner, Michelle is highly qualified to coach tumble from the very basics to the harder skills.

So if you need to improve your tumble rows or just want to get that skill that you are so close to achieving, email starmites@iprimus.com.au and book your spot.  Class times as follows;

Friday’s 4.00 – 5.30pm Stage 1 Tumble – Cartwheels, Back Walkovers, Handstands, Round Offs  /  Stage 2 Tumble – Flip Drills, Spotted Flips, Handsprings

Friday’s 5.30 – 7.00pm Stage 3 Tumble – Learning to Sault, Flip Saults, Standing Flip Flip  /   Stage 4 Tumble – Layout Drills , Front saults, Standing Saults



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