Aug 102010

How awesome is this  6 Star-Mites Acrobatics Teams will represent
Western Australia at this years National Championships to be held in Adelaide October 2010
Lee-Myree will be traveling as a state coach. Special thanks to Sharron who helps Lee Myree coach

Level 4 Pairs –Felicity Coupland / Tahlia Dawson (SM)
Eleanor Latham / Chloe Ameduri (SM)

Level 4 Trios –Bethannie Ieraci, Leah Goldsmith, Astyn Penny (SM)

Level 5 Trios –Gemma Dethridge, Claire McShanag, Courtney Armstrong (SM)
Kiara Isard, Artemis Dimopoulos, Leigh-Anne Scalley (SM)

Level 7 Trio  –Tarryn Isard, Erin Joyce, Rae Gidley (SM)

Photo: Coach Lee-Myree

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